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CCNC Rules

* $9,000 entry team per team.  ($1500 per player) 
* A $900 deposit is required at time of entry to reserve your spot in the field.
* Teams consist of 6 players.  Teams can be chosen at the discretion of the club
* The CCNC is a handicapped event.
* Clubs are allowed to enter multiple teams.
* CCNC courses will be played at or near 6500 yards.  Seniors over the age of 60 can       play 6000 yards.  Women will play 5500 yards.  
*Each team must have a designated captain.  Non-playing captains are allowed 
*Each team is allowed one professional to compete but is not mandatory.  
*Professionals must be a staff member of the club.
*Appearance fee plus bonuses for professionals who participate.
*Each team must wear a uniform.  (minimum requirement: matching shirts)
*Each team must have the most fun they've ever had playing in a tournament.


CCNC Format

The Country Club National Championship will utilize our three formats in a team medal play qualifier on Wednesday to divide our teams into flights.  The rest of the week will be contested with 18 hole match play matches utilizing a modified 'Ryder Cup' format.
* 6 holes four-ball (worth 2 points)
* 6 holes foursomes (worth 2 points)
* 6 holes singles (worth 2 points each)

There are 24 points available in each match. (8 per group) The winning team from each segment receives 2 points.  If that segment is tied after 6 holes, each team receives 1 point.  The first team to get to 13 points wins the match and advances to the next round.  When a team is eliminated, they will have the ability to play golf the rest of the week for fun on a tournament course.  

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