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Welcome to the Country Club National Championship

My name is Brian Hammons. During my 21 years as one of the lead broadcasters on Golf Channel I was privileged to cover many Ryder Cup, President’s Cup and Solheim Cup Matches. Each time I couldn't help but think how special it would be to replicate that competition and excitement for the everyday golfer. We accomplished that in 2021 at Walt Disney World in Orlando with the Bel-Wood Country Club from the Cincinnati area winning the National Championship. In 2023 we’re excited to take the Country Club National Championship back to Orlando at the famed Orange County  National Golf Center. You can find all of the important information on this site. I hope to see you and your team in Orlando in 2023!


Here's What Our Players Are Saying About The CCNC

"It was an absolute pleasure to play in this event. It was competitive golf but honest golf.  Great camaraderie!  You gotta play in this event!"

"This is great!  It was great this year and we're already looking forward to next year!

"We had fun meeting a lot of great people and we're going to do it again!"

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